Moving an Office in a Hurry – How to Organize

Moving your office and business is a multi-step process. It requires a lot of preparation and planning. During an office move, the whole staff is going to be stressed out and confused. Most of the employees will be trying to get their work done in a hurry amid a lot of complications and distractions. And, moving an office in a hurry is going to be even more stressful for business leaders, as they have to make sure that their business is not threatened as well as plan every single detail of the move. However, it is not impossible if you have some experienced people by your side. So, without further ado, let us give you some advice to help you out when moving an office in a hurry and what should you understand about moving and its prices.

Find and Design the New Office

Of course, there will be no moving an office in a hurry if there is no new office to move to. So, the first step is to find a place that will suit your business, budget and your staff’s needs. After that step is done, you need to organize and design the new office. A couple of weeks before the moving day, try to get blueprints or a floor layout of your new office space. Compare the new layout with your current one and see what changes you have to make. Sometimes, everything can stay the same, but sometimes you will have different storage space, offices, electrical outlets and many other things that are different. If the new office requires some renovating, do not wait until you and your stuff relocate there. Make all the necessary changes before movers from come to relocate your entire office.

Bear in mind that you have to conduct regular meetings where you will discuss all the details of the move with your employees. Alt.tag: An office meeting.

Designate a Person in Charge

If you are a busy business leader, or if you are inexperienced with moving offices, you will need to determine who is going to be a person in charge of the whole situation. If everybody thinks for themselves, chaos will appear. However, you can not designate a point person by simply pointing finger at somebody. That is a job that requires years-long commitment and experience, and most importantly – big picture thinking. Of course, moving an office in a hurry will need the leaders’ presence and guidance at all times, but that same leader needs to focus on running the office at the same time. Doing both is too complicated and time-consuming, not to mention, threatening to your business. The best thing to do is to find a moving expert! Especially if you are moving long distance. You can find long distance relocation team based in Rhode Island that can really speed up your move while you take care of your staff, clients, and business.

Consider Your Employee’s Needs

Your employees are going to be as stressful as you during moving in a hurry. This move will affect everybody’s life and work. So, you can not only think about what is best for you and your company but consider every employee you have. If somebody is not satisfied with the whole situation, have a private meeting with that one person and see how you can turn things around. Or, if you are moving your office in a hurry to another state, some of your employees might not be able to move because of some personal reasons. You need to know all of this in order to find their replacements on time. Also, while conducting those private meetings, tackle the issue of what they would need when it comes to the workplace, workstyle, storage, technology, noise level, privacy level, and similar. Both you as the leader and the mover must understand what each employee wants and needs.

If your employees are not involved in the move, their morale and productivity might suffer. Alt.tag: Two colleagues talking.

Create a Timeline and Determine Your Budget

Moving an office in a hurry is going to be complicated even with professional movers by your side. Transferring providers for busy individuals can help you out, but there are still many things you have to do alone. That is why you must be prepared for all the stages of the move. If you are organized, it is not going to be that hard. Bear in mind that moving an office in a hurry is not the same as simply moving an office. A small office usually requires at least three months to prepare for the move. And, a bigger one needs six to eight months to prepare. So, because you are moving in a hurry, you will not have that luxury of an easy going relocation. You have to work fast, effective, and productive. That is why you need to create a timeline of the move. All the stages should be put into this timeline and placed somewhere where everybody can see it. Also, another thing that is a must is setting your budget! You must determine who much money you have to work with even before you hire movers. 

When moving in a hurry, put everything on the paper – organize yourself by knowing the budget and all the stages of the move. Alt.tag: A woman using a calculator.

Make a Contact List

A contact list is another thing that will help you organize. Make sure that it is always available; you will need it in those cases of emergencies. This list should include the numbers of every employer, client, customer, supplier, and everybody who is helping you move, including movers. Have this list by your side at all times. If something goes wrong, you must know who to call. Also, before moving, you must notify or your clients and customers. Communicate with them on time in order not to lose their trust and money. Tell everybody about your change of address. You do not have to do this in person. It is a waste of time. You can simply send text messages or emails to everybody important to your company.

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