Tips for Moving a Piano: How to Find the Ideal Movers?

If a person owns a grand piano and is planning to move to another house, there is a big chance that he is worried on how to transport it. The good news is if they are living or planning to move to Charlotte, North Carolina. There are a lot of relocation experts in the area who are very skilled at transporting big and heavy grand pianos.

But the problem is, how to find the right movers in Charlotte when sifting to every possible option. That is why we figure out that we will provide people with a useful question they need to ask movers before hiring them. But before everything else, let us see if you really need to spend money on a piano mover.

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Moving a grand piano in North Carolina: A Do-It-Yourself task

If a person is moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, we understand why a Do-It-Yourself project seems like an excellent way to transport their big musical instrument. North Carolina is in the middle of the price spectrum when it comes to moving costs. That is why, after people choose a company, they might be surprised by the quote they will get.

To get the cheapest service, people might decide that they do it by themselves. But the question is, is it the best way to cut on the cost of the move? Grand pianos are considered as one of the most difficult to move since it is massive and too heavy to move.

One wrong step and it can hurt you or can destroy the instrument. It is big, bulky, almost impossible to disassemble and reassemble and it is very fragile because it is made of wood. Most of these pianos hold a high monetary and sentimental value. That is why, when choosing to do Do-It-Yourself transportation or find the right firms, you need to consider a lot of things. Listed below are some questions to answer before making a decision:

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How far is the destination?

If it is a long-distance move, we suggest hiring a professional. If you find the right movers in North Carolina, they will have the right experience to do the job right and deliver the piano safely to its new destination. Relocating this great instrument by Doing-It-Yourself over long distances has its challenges, from damage before, during, and after transportation to finding the right truck to transport it.

Why choose a Do-It-Yourself method and not find the right piano movers in North Carolina?

A lot of people choose the Do-It-Yourself option because they do not have the money to spend on hiring a piano moving company. However, people who opt to choose the DIY option are not aware that they’re actually creating more problems and spending more money that way. Make sure to go over the budget for the move carefully. Consider every option and think twice before deciding.

Is it cheaper to hire a piano mover than does the DIY method?

We have already mentioned that a lot of homeowners make a mistake of thinking that Do-It-Yourself is always the cheapest option. Yes, sometimes it is a lot cheaper. For example, cutting the cost of the unpacking and packing services is usually a good idea. But are you trimming on the expenses of piano movers in Charlotte, NC?

It is nearly impossible. That is why we wanted to tell you that finding a cheaper and reputable moving company outside Charlotte is an excellent solution to consider. There are a lot of professional companies which are very affordable, even for a grand piano transport service.

But if you are going to do Do-It-Yourself tasks, the cost of moving tends to add up. For example, if you are going the DIY route, hump straps, moving dolly, locking piano belts, skid boards, and packing supplies will be needed. When we add the costs, it can amount to at least $300, without the padding and the boxes.

For comparison, let us say that you are hiring a cheap piano mover. They cost around $100 to $300 for short-distance relocations. Of course, the cost will differ depending on any elevators or stairs, as well as the difficulty in access. And if you are hiring a long-distance mover, the estimate is at least $1,000. So, we will let the people decide which is the best way for them to transport their grand piano.

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