Renovating Your Home? Get Yourself Some Cheap Self Storage

Are you renovating your home? It’s a great idea to consider a self storage unit to make the process much easier.

Renovating a house can be fantastic for increasing property value and functionality long-term. However, in the short term it can be really challenging and bring a ton of stress, lots of problem-solving and plenty of mess too.

The Problems With Renovation & Your Belongings

Aside from the cost and time involved in renovating, it is just so messy. Walls being taken down, wallpaper being pulled off, floors being taken up – it’s no wonder there’s so much dust and debris. This dust can be such a nightmare even in the furthest corners of your home. Many people are still finding renovation dust years after the job is complete.

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This dust can be damaging to ornaments, soft furnishings, clothing and other items in the house. It can even cause staining in some areas.

During renovation, it is also a challenge knowing what to do with the furniture that is usually located where the renovation is being done. Sometimes there is room in a garage for much of the furniture, but that leaves it open to damage from pests, theft, weather damage, temperature damage and more. Yet without moving it out of your home, there’s the potential for even more extensive damage.

Self Storage For Home Renovations

A great solution to these common problems is a self storage unit. You can choose a unit that can be delivered to your driveway and left there during the renovations but this is not much better than using your own garage and comes with similar potential problems. For major home renovations a large unit parked on the driveway can also obstruct vehicles and equipment needed by the builders and other tradespeople. Far better is a unit stored indoors in a secure, dry and climate-controlled space if you want to be sure of keeping your precious belongings safe damage and dust.

Self storage is useful in other ways when it comes to carrying out home improvements, including:

  • Storing tools and supplies for the renovation
  • Keeping items you may want access to regularly during renovation, like storing garden equipment
  • Providing flexibility with changing deadlines on your renovations, because extending a self-storage contract is usually very straight-forward.
  • Offering 24-hour access so you can get in to the unit when it works for your schedule.
  • Offering a range of units in different sizes so you can find space that is as large or small as you need. Then you aren’t paying for space you are not using.
  • Locker sized units are often available so you can just store valuables if you want to.
  • Enabling you to switch between unit sizes depending on your needs, which is useful if the renovations are being completed in stages.
  • Delivery and collection services are available (depending on the facility) – often a low-cost or no-cost.

Although a cheap self storage unit is, in essence, just a secure, dry space it is also so much more that it provides peace of mind during the upheaval of having your home renovated. Having a space to use that you can rely on, that keeps your things safe, is invaluable, during messy renovations where precious items are at risk of damage.

The Next Step…

If you do want to arrange storage during your home renovations it is important to look into it as early as possible so that you can choose a facility to suit you. Trusting in their security, staff, affordability, services, flexibility and quality of service is so important when they will be caring for your possessions.

By investing in good storage during your home renovation, you’re ensuring that once the work is done in weeks, months or even years, your possessions will be in great shape when you’re ready to put them back in your home once again.

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