What are the dos and don’ts of moving a piano?

The piano can be a passion for some and an interest for others. Moving a piano from one place to another is very difficult to do and doing it on your own can be too much exhausting. There are risks involved in it and you can very easily get the piano damaged as well. hiring the Denver Piano Movers can be the best idea in such a case because they are professionally trained and skilled in this job.

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But if you want to do it on your own, then it is important to know the dos and don’ts of this process. This way, you would be able to deliver the best results for moving your piano from one place to another. Here are is a shortlist of things that you should do and should not do when moving the piano.


  • The first thing to do is to know your instrument. For this, you need to be aware of all the details of your piano. What is its size? Is it a grand-sized one or is it a small and portable one, whichever is the case, know it well.
  • Consult some professional piano movers before starting the project because, at the end of moving a piano on your own, the chances of getting a damaged piano are pretty high.
  • From the travel path of the piano, remove all the heavy furniture items and other things so that the way is all cleared and the piano can easily go through the passage.
  • Know well where the piano should go and gather all the information about the things that are coming in the way.
  • Do pack the piano properly so that when it passes the stairs and the ramp, even if there is some accident, there is minimal or no damage to the piano.
  • Once you have reached the destination, do tune the piano again to the settings that you had before.


  • The first thing is not to under or overestimate the size and weight of the piano. If it is too heavy and you are taking it too lightly, it would be troublesome.
  • There are casters inside the piano that help it move, there is no need to rely on them for the moving process.
  • Do not ignore the lid of the piano during the process of moving it from one place to another.

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